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Break the Format Foundation Corp grounds in the use arts and entertainment to help heal what is broken in humanity, encouraging an empathic and noble behavior that builds healthier self-esteem and interpersonal relationships with family, peers and community; believing this shall contribute to a safer world where love, life and diversity are cherished.


Our Core Values shape all BFFC projects. They are the sieve through which Break the Format Foundation Corp strains its actions. For Break the Format Foundation Corp humanity matters. In a world that is steadily driven towards hates and death, we stand for life. Life matters. Life comes first. We are committed to the people and we will work soundly to convince the world that every life is worthy and every life worth the same. We also stand for the pursue of excellence in all we do and we rejoice in service.


We care about how your money is used and invite you to assess our financial statements, which are prepared under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to ensure access, consistency, accountability and transparency in our accounts.

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